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Brother Paul writes:



We the Original People of Earth, from the Four Corners, from all Tribes and Races, United, deriving our power from continuous habitation from the beginning of Time, and therefore superseding all other authority, as all laws have their origins in natural law, which is a manifestation of the will of the People, no longer recognize any authority that doesnʼt consider all the People and their descendants, unto the 7th generation and beyond, to be the rightful caretakers of Earth and all its resources.


All decisions regarding use of resources, shall be determined by a majority of the People, and must take into consideration the rights and well being of all People and their descendants. All life on Earth must be considered sacred, and sustainability must be the highest priority.


The rights of all People and their descendants, to Peace, and freedom from poverty and fear, to a healthy environment, clean air and water, to education, and a sustainable commonwealth, shall be restored for all posterity.

By near unanimous decision, war will be abolished from the face of the planet, and will be considered the most egregious and despicable of all crimes going forward, punishable by loss of participation. All current hostilities will cease, and the combatants will work together to mutually rebuild their lives. Differences which cannot be settled by rational debate will be determined by a football game or a tennis match.


Where there is disease, health must be restored. Where there is want, needs must be met. Where there is decay, there must be regeneration. Where there is ignorance, there must be education and enlightenment.

Peace is the only Priority

Love One Another 

I am Everything

Descendant of the Aboriginal inhabitants of this Land.  I am a Christian.  I am a Muslim.  I am a Hindu.  I am a Buddhist.  I am an atheist.  I am a Jew.   I am nothing.  I am You.  The destination is not as important as the Journey.  Every step a decision, answering the questions of the unborn, the living , and the deceased alike.  In time, we may understand that Wisdom is the true currency of this Realm we inhabit;  that stewardship begets sustainability;  that Silence speaks volumes when nothing is left unsaid.


I am Everything
                            I am Nothing

                                                   I am You 

Brother John Writes:



Please imagine this?  Far, far away.  Spinning, spinning.  A tiny, little ball.  Spinning round and round.  Going nowhere.  Just spinning.  A very tiny, little ball.  All alone.  In the dark.  In the cold.   All alone spinning round and round in the cold, alone in the dark.  Just spinning and going nowhere.  A tiny little blue and white ball.  Spinning all alone.  Over and over again, just spinning endlessly in the cold and dark.  Nothing comes, nothing goes.  So alone that not even gravity can escape it. 

            But down there?  Well, there’s people down there!  They’re all going around.  Doing this.  Doing that.  Going here.  Going there.  But not really going anywhere.  All alone on the little blue and white ball, going nowhere, together.  But a star gives them warmth and so they can go here and go there.  And all living things down there, on the little blue and white ball going nowhere?  Well…they all serve.  Just like all living things throughout the universe, they all serve.  One way or another, every living being throughout the universe serves in some way.  The trees down there?  On the little blue and white ball spinning, spinning and going nowhere?  Well, the trees serve by inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen.  And the grasses?  The grasses serve to feed many of the little animals that go here and there on their way.  And the little animals?  Well they serve too.  Some as food for others.  Some to bring song to the wilderness, perhaps with hope even when there’s none to hear.  And the people down there?  Well, the people serve too!  All of them!  Each and everyone of them!  One way or another, everyone serves. 

            But unlike the trees, the grasses, the animals…the people down there?  Well, they choose their service!  Some choose to serve by building weapons for war that they believe are necessary.  Some serve by making laws that they believe are necessary to rule.  Some serve by incarcerating those who break those rules.  Some serve to profit by exploiting the poor and destitute believing that what they do is just and right.  Some serve by driving buses to help children get to school to learn.  Some serve by washing the used plates of others.  Some serve to regularly remove trash and garbage from households and businesses to benefit public health. Some serve by relieving pain and suffering of others.  Some serve to protect plants and animals threatened with extinction.  Some serve to measure changes in our atmosphere and climate to better understand the tiny blue and white ball.  Some serve as musicians to channel in real time live vibrations of true inspiration that come from afar to be enjoyed for a little while by those who will hear.

            On July 23, 2015 the Kepler telescope confirmed the closest known near-Earth-size planet in the “habitable zone” orbiting an M dwarf star about half the size and mass of our sun, among the most abundant stars in our galaxy.  The planet, Kepler-186f, is about 500 light-years from our Earth in the constellation Cygnus.  Beyond our milky way, the next closest galaxy is Andromeda.  It’s about 2.5 million light years from us.  There’s far more emptiness in our universe than there is matter.

            So for now, yes we’re all alone.  Spinning round and round.  On this little blue and white ball, going nowhere.  All alone.  For millions upon millions of years.  This is our only home.  We’re not going anywhere.  We should choose our service wisely.  



Just What If

Just what if Earth is our only home, the only planet we’ll ever inhabit.  Just what if there really are no borders or boundaries except for imaginary lines in space and silly walls imposed out of fear.  Just what if people around the world have basically the same needs and wants as everyone else. Just what if we all have far more in common than have we differences.  Just what if there really is a creator who made all things, the stars, planets and moons; who made us and everything we know.  Just what if things aren’t exactly as we’ve been taught and told.  Just what if there’s neither Santa nor Satan other than in the conjuring minds of men.  Just what if the universe in it’s entirety truly is a masterpiece of creation.  Just what if we were given life specifically with the hope that we would appreciate it.  Just what if we don’t go to heaven or hell when we die, that instead heaven has already been created for us by intention as Earth.  What if hell is always and only created by the hands of men.   Just what if there may be no virgins or angels in wait to reward our martyrdom.  Just what if paradise is already all around us if only we have the eyes to see.  Just what if there may be no pearly gates, no angels singing the songs that we sing in this life.  Just what if birth and death are simply processes we must go through in order to know and hopefully appreciate consciousness.  Just what if it's the same for us ALL.  Just what if the creator, nature and man are all together as one - nanama. What then?

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